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Artist: Pink Floyd
Origin: USA
Label: Pink Floyd Records (2016)
Format: LP
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Genre: Pop , Rock N

The Dark Side of the Moon (2016 Edition)

Sealed - Brand new 180 gram audiophile vinyl, James Guthrie remaster. .

The Dark Side of the Moon was a benchmark record. It turned the musical world on its ear with a hitherto unseen combination of sounds, and changed things considerably for Pink Floyd. The group and their long-time engineer, Alan Parsons, used a multitude of sound effects - from stereophonically projected footsteps and planes flying overhead ("On The Run") to a roomful of ringing clocks ("Time"). Further adding to the record's mystique, barely audible spoken passages were sprinkled throughout – a result of hours interviewing random Abbey Road occupants about their views on insanity, violence, and death. Floyd must have struck a nerve: The Dark Side of the Moon remained on Billboard's albums chart for an astounding 14 years, making Pink Floyd a household name. The sound quality of this new remaster is stunning!