Product Code: CMR003
Artist: AJ Sharma
Origin: New Zealand
Label: Cocomuse Releases (2017)
Format: LP
Availability: In Stock
Cover: M
Record: M
Genre: Country , Folk , Rock , World N

Tabla Diablo


Brand new sealed album from another fantastic NZ artist.

Tabla Diablo - An assemblage of real life characters all dealing with death in their own way: Art Teachers, Outsiders, Rock-Gods, Poets, Prophets, Trees, Stars, Tortoise, Bar-Flies, Friends, Family, Cosmic Forces, Visionaries and the Unknown.

Sharma's self-description of The Troggs meet Buddy Holly gives some small clue to the compelling connection that this beautiful album can create - while mystery may surround exactly what it is he does, there is no doubt it's done with love, great good humour and much brilliance.

AJ Sharma, a very precise, very experienced musician with a complex and diverse body of work, here with his first vinyl LP release, provides "an almost paradigmatic set of sonic circumstances for how a different sound world could function.

Tabla Diablo seems to stem from some parallel universe where music and songs work in different ways and are allowed to play different roles in our lives.