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Artist: Who The
Origin: Europe
Label: Brunswick (2017)
Format: LP
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Genre: Rhythm and Blues , Rock N

My Generation

Stunning brand new sealed triple album packaged in a stunning gatefold sleeve with period/rare photos

  • Includes the original mono album.
  • Disc two features a selection of mono bonus tracks.
  • Disc three features 11 of Pete’s demos from before the album’s original release.
  • Packaged in a stunning gatefold sleeve with period/rare photos.
  • Limited Edition.


In the half century since its release The Who’s debut album MY GENERATION has lost none of it’s raw visceral power and still stands as the ultimate musical declaration of teenage rebellion. The title track alone has been covered innumerable times by the likes of Oasis, Green Day, Patti Smith, Billy Joel, Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden amongst many more.

Back in 1965 the band were considered to be so dangerous that the tailors tasked with turning a Union Jack into a pop art mod jacket for the cover feared that they would be jailed for desecration of the nation’s flag.

The Who’s surly demeanour that day in 1965 at London’s Surrey Docks and the brazen appropriation of the symbol of state is the best advert possible for MY GENERATION It’s an album that sounds like it looks: terse, confrontational and full of youthful angst and energy.

Brunswick Records first issued MY GENERATION in the UK in December 1965, and later in the US, under the title THE WHO SINGS MY GENERATION, in April 1966. It was produced by Shel Talmy who shot to fame with his work with The Kinks, a group that the teenage Pete Townshend admired greatly.

Pete Townshend commented, “Gathering these demos for this collection has been enjoyable; it’s wonderful for me to have these tapes made fifty-two years ago to listen to. I hope you enjoy them. They have a naiveté and innocence, a simplicity and directness, and an ingenuousness that reveals me as a young man struggling to keep up with the more mature and developed men around me. What an incredible group of strong, talented, young and engaging men they were!”

MY GENERATION 3 LP SET Track listing:
Disc One: Original LP – Mono Mixes

Side 1
1. Out In The Street
2. I Don't Mind
3. The Good's Gone
4. La-La-La Lies
5. Much Too Much
6. My Generation

Side 2
1. The Kids Are Alright
2. Please, Please, Please
3. It's Not True
4. I'm A Man
5. A Legal Matter
6. The Ox

Disc Two: Mono Bonus Tracks
Side 1
1. I Can’t Explain
2. Bald Headed Woman
3. Daddy Rolling Stone
4. Leaving Here
5. Lubie, Come Back Home
6. Shout And Shimmy

Side 2
1. (Love Is Like A) Heatwave
2. Motoring
3. Anytime You Want Me
4. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
5. Instant Party Mixture
6. Circles

Disc Three: Primal Scoop – The Demos
Side 1
1. My Generation (V 3)
2. My Generation (V 2 – fragment)
3. The Girls I Could’ve Had
4. It’s Not True
5. As Children We Grew
6. Legal Matter

Side 2
1. Sunrise (V 1)
2. Much Too Much
3. My Own Love
4. La-La-La- Lies
5. The Good’s Gone