Product Code: US-0325-1
Artist: Various Artists
Origin: Germany
Label: Trikont (2004)
Format: 2 X LP
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Cover: M
Record: M
Genre: Electronic , Rock N

England's Dreaming

Sealed - Brand new 2LP vinyl with booklet. Made in UK.

In 1991, renowned British music journalist Jon Savage published what is now (and was then!) considered the ultimate book on the phenomenon known as Punk Rock: England's Dreaming. Instantly hailed as a classic treatise on the topic, Savage has now come full circle to revisit the subject and compile this incredible CD of his favourite late '70s punk and post-punk songs. Jumping from the US to the UK to Europe and even Australia, England's Dreaming is just as good as the book it's meant to accompany, and features a host of amazing and hard-to-find rarities from the best bands of the day. From the US you get Patti Smith, Electric Eels, Urinals, Residents, Germs, Devo, Weirdos, Dils, Stooges, Ramones, etc.; from the UK and Europe you get Cabaret Voltaire, Buzzcocks, X-Ray Spex, Wire, Adverts, Metal Urbain, etc.; and of course you get the mighty Saints with "This Perfect Day". 25 songs in total, exhaustive, detailed liner notes from Savage himself, this is one of the definitive compilations documenting perhaps the last great youth craze of the 20th century.