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Artist: Thievery Corporation
Origin: USA
Label: Primary Wave (2014)
Format: LP
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Genre: Latin , Pop N


Sealed brand new10th Anniversary pressing.

10th Anniversary Edition
Deeply Groovy & Endlessly Mesmerizing!

There's no English analog for the Portuguese word saudade, which translates roughly to a melancholic longing for someone or something from the past. The term so aptly fits Thievery Corporation's oeuvre (always wistful and dreamy) that it's a wonder this was the first time the D.C. duo employed it as an album title. Looking to the sounds of Brazil—bossa nova, samba, tropicalia—for their seventh long-player, longtime musical partners Rob Garza and Eric Hilton delivered a set that evokes shimmering seascapes and poolside cocktails. It's the kind of album James Bond would put on for a romantic evening in Rio.

Originally released in 2014, Saudade's expressive acoustic guitars and placid string arrangements meld sweetly with delicate synths and gentle percussion, as a rotating cast of five female vocalists coo sensuous melodies. While many of these songs ("Quem Me Leva," the title track) are bold adventurers into new sonic territory, others, such as "Depth of My Soul" and "Firelight" are vintage Thievery Corporation with a Brazilian twist: deeply groovy and endlessly mesmerizing.

Eric Hilton, the band's co-founder, called Saudade his favorite Thievery album, saying "it's one of the more unusual records by an electronic music artist. I don't think any other electronic music artist would make a record like that one."

Saudade is an album by Washington DC electronica duo Thievery Corporation first released in 2014 via their Eighteenth Street Lounge Music label. It is a return to their initial bossa nova-infused sound and a departure from the political tones of their last two albums.

Side A:

  1. Décollage featuring Lou Lou Ghelichkhani
  2. Meu Nego featuring Karina Zeviani
  3. Quem Me Leva featuring Elin Melgarejo
  4. Firelight featuring Lou Lou Ghelichkhani
  5. Sola in Citta featuring Elin Melgarejo
  6. No More Disguise featuring Lou Lou Ghelichkhani

Side B:

  1. Saudade
  2. Claridad featuring Natalia Clavier
  3. Nos Dois featuring Karina Zeviani
  4. Le Coeur featuring Lou Lou Ghelichkhani
  5. Para Sempre featuring Elin Melgarejo
  6. Bateau Rouge featuring Lou Lou Ghelichkhani
  7. Depth of My Soul featuring Shana Halligan