Product Code: TP6969VC
Artist: Tadpole
Origin: New Zealand
Label: Tadpole Music NZ (2024)
Format: LP
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Cover: M
Record: M
Genre: Pop Rock N

The Medusa - Limited Edition (Blue Vinyl)

Brand New ~ Sealed! Strictly Limited Edition Blue Coloured Vinyl Of Second Tadpole LP! One Of New Zealand’s Best Bands Could Be Reuniting!

Tadpole’s impact on the music landscape is undeniable. From their chart-topping debut album, ‘The Buddhafinger’, which in 2000 reached an impressive #2 and spent 46 weeks in the album charts, to the recent resurgence of their vinyl reissue of the same album, reclaiming the #1 spot on the NZ album charts in 2023, Tadpole’s legacy continues to resonate with fans. The band’s sophomore album, ‘The Medusa’ also made waves, securing a spot at #10 on the album charts in 2002. Additionally, “The Tadpole Collection” anthology box set, released in 2022, further solidified Tadpole’s status as one of New Zealand’s most beloved rock bands, reaching #11 on the album charts. Hits like “For Me,” “Backdoor,” “Alright,” and “Nothing New” dominated the singles charts, showcasing Tadpole’s versatility and enduring appeal. Fans on social media began speculating in recent years about the possibility of a reunion tour, a dream that is now being realised in 2024.

Side 1:
Nothing New
Just Not Rock’n’Roll
Everything Comes Around
Condition Chronic
World Without You

Side 2:
Something Real (Na Na Song)
Worn And Weary
Now Today Forever
Too Cruel
Fast Stuff
Always Be Mine