Product Code: LPV100
Artist: Summer Thieves
Origin: New Zealand
Label: Loop Recordings (2022)
Format: LP
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Cover: M
Record: M
Genre: Indie Pop , Pop , Reggae N

Paradise Down The Road

Brand new sealed album from NZs Summer Thieves.

Across 10 tracks, Paradise Down The Road sees Summer Thieves moving effortlessly across all aspects of their sound, creating an album which shows a maturation in the Dunedin-bred party starters.

Written and recorded across multiple lockdowns and quiet periods, the album shows two different emotional sides - one deep & contemplative (written during lockdown), and the other more hopeful & celebratory (written in between lockdowns). Bringing together elements of pop, rock, blues, indie & even tinges of hip-hop & gospel, these eclectic sounds & influences all combine to create a sound hard to pin down to one genre, but instantly recognisable as that of Summer Thieves.


1. Pages
2. Saturday Night
3. Potions
4. All for You
5. Is It Really Over?
6. Stuck on You
7. Paper Tiger
8. Broken Home
9. Floating Away

10. Three Brothers