Product Code: 1 12LP013
Artist: Smokin' Daggers
Origin: New Zealand
Label: 1:12 Records (2023)
Format: LP
Availability: In Stock
Cover: M
Record: M
Genre: Punk , Rock N

Hot Cuts

Brand new sealed album from NZs Smokin' Daggers.

Fronted by the legendary Andrew Tolley (Bloodbags, The Hasselhoff Experiment), Tāmaki Makaurau's hot rockin' Smokin' Daggers finally have a debut record out on wax right now and have assembled a suitably raucous party to celebrate. Special guests are a veritable one-man-band-a-rama, with the most romantic human to have ever emerged from Whanganui Tender Moonlight gracing Thirsty Dog with his sizzling "Miami disco Euro trash" anthems, "garage howl hound" Al Destruct making his way to the super city from Thames, synth-punk-boogie king Power Nap (aka me) busing to the bar from down the road, and actual band King Kaiju busting out their "voodoo exotic surf beat" for this mega-stacked occasion.

The debut album Hot Cuts delivers the goods of course, cramming together ten renditions of garage punk classics of yore, plus one soul-powered original by the iconic team of Tolley, Dane Taylor and Kim Martinengo. Tolley's unmistakable yowl roars "I don't regret a thing" on 'No Regrets', reps the group's staunchly stripped back ethos with 'Primitive' ("that's how I live"), and does Roy Orbison's bad ass 'Domino' justice as the gang kick up a serious ruckus. New number 'Beating Heart Beaten' slots in perfectly, delivering strung-out, emotionally raw energy, evoking lonesome imagery of backwater bars and scuzzy motels. Nab yourself a vinyl edition of this most excellent of debuts at the gig..