Product Code: 5053867087
Artist: Sepultura
Origin: EU
Label: BMG (2021)
Format: LP / EP
Availability: In Stock
Cover: M
Record: M
Genre: Hard Rock , Thrash N


Brand new sealed album and EP  Revolusongs  housed ion a gatefold cover.

The 3rd studio album with vocalist Derrick Green fronting the band & this picks up right where Nation left off,i don't understand why people do not enjoy that album it was unique like Roots. However Roorback is almost equal to the speed of Beneathe the Remains or Arise,although incomparable i am saying speed-wise it has that straightforward approach. The album kicks off with Come Back Alive,a fast paced guitar driven track with really rough & abrasive vocals that are just mean. Godless is awesome with some really great drumming and thick bass,the entire album is really nice bass wise. The level of the bass is clearly alot more audible than say Against or Nation,it has heavy riffs that go hand in hand with the fast paced aggressive drumming of Igor. Apes of God Derrick does guitar for(as well as Come Back Alive) and it does add extra layer to it. More of the Same is where the album really gets furious,awesome lyrics and vocally pitch perfect. Derrick has grown into a great vocalist and has expanded his vocal range and i enjoy the fact of knowing Derrick was the right choice. Urge is really 1 of my favorites with really sick guitar work and a barrage of drums. Corrupted is another really intense song with really wild guitar,awesome vocal approach and some more killer drums. As it Is goes just as good as the others a bit more slowed down but great nonetheless,time to breathe from the sonic beating. Mind War is another track where Derrick handles rhythm guitar and it is an approach similar to Territory but in it's own way different. Leech is fast and furious all around on all senses,barrage of the bass heavily here & great guitar work. The Rift is really excellent,it grew on me after the first listen i catch myself repeating the chorus & ultimately play it again. Bottomed Out is a really somber and slow song,very melodic and beautiful and Derrick's mellow vocalsnsound great. It shows he is capable of more than screams or just 1 tone shrieks,he has really grown. With that being said i will get into the closer Activist,that is a really great album end. It is really good guitar driven song with rumbling bass and just sonic drums,Igor has always remained to keep it fresh. Continuing to hit the skins heavily and his style has progressed and it is noticable really on here if you listen to it.My stereo system is no joke so the drums & bass have extra crunch it seems. Now onto disc 2:Revolusongs,this is an album of covers from some really different bands(i am not sure of all of the songs & the original singers/bands) but they are really well done,i mean really well. Very experimental disc that starts off with Messiah,a very heavy and slow grinding song with droning bass & downtuned guitar. Angel is really melodic and vocally amazing,i like the performance and think i enjoy this as 1 of the best covers on the disc. Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos is a Public Enemy song that is done really cool,another 1 of the best songs ever done here. Igor adda some sick drums and very heavily done bass,sick guitar crunch. Mongoloid is a very fast paced song that is sick,Derrick screams it out hardcore. Mountain Song is Janes Addiction cover and that is beautifully done,the guitar tone is cool and the vocals are awesome. Bullet the Blue Sky is a U2 cover that is done well,i'm not a fan of Bono or U2 i think they're overrated but this song Derrick kills it. Piranah closes the album of Revolusongs and it is heavy and fast,nice guitar work & bass. Also a video for Bullet the Blue Sky for the computer,it didn't work in the dvd player but that's ok. All in all Roorback was a 4 star album but with disc 2 Revolusongs(which was sold in Europe as a Ep of covers) included that bumps it up in my mind as a 5 star album. You should not listen to the negative reviews just listen to the album and make a decision for yourself. Check out Dante XXI that is the last Sepultura album with Igor Cavaleta on the drum kit. Regardless of his departure from the band A-Lex & Kairos are amazing & some of their heaviest albums. Kairos is a behemoth of power.