Product Code: L 45711/2
Artist: Reg Livermore
Origin: Australia
Label: Festival (1976)
Format: LP
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Cover: VG+
Record: VG+
Genre: Comedy/SpokenWord/Other , Pop , Soundtracks U

Wonder Woman

Really nice clean double albumĀ  with a very good gatefold cover.

"Wonder Woman has a message that goes far beyond the obvious theme of the exploitation of women".

Reg Livermore is posing questions about the relations of the sexes to the whole quality and nature of western society. What sort of men want to treat women this way? What sort of women are they to go along with such treatment? What sort of people are we and what sort of happiness do we achieve and do we deprive ourselves of? These are the sorts of questions that great theatre has always asked. To ask them in the context of pop songs and female impersonation reveals an artist of real genius." Rydge's, December 1976.