Product Code: FRENZY LP 101
Artist: Ragnarok
Origin: New Zealand
Label: Frenzy (2022)
Format: LP
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Cover: M
Record: M
Genre: Prog Rock , Rock N


Brand new sealed reissue from NZs Ragnarock.

They released two albums. Vocalist and writer Lea Maalfrid left after the first album. The balance of the band split up in 1977. Personnel for the first album entitled "Ragnarok": Lea Maalfrid (vocals), Andre Jayet Mellotron (Moog synthesizer, vocals), Ross Muir (bass guitar), Mark Jayet (drums), Ramon York (guitar effects, vocals). Personnel for the second album "Nooks": Ramon York (electric & acoustic guitars, vocals), Ross Muir (bass, synthesizer, vocals), Mark Jayet (drums, bass, acoustic guitar), André Jayet (Mellotron, Moog synthesizer, piano, Hammond, drums). Their music could be best described as classic mid-70's psychedelic prog rock

After 46 years you can finally hear the classic Ragnarok album for the first time as it was
meant to be heard. Released 4th March 2022.
If somebody wrote a book on the history of progressive rock in New Zealand, it would be
a very slim volume indeed. One group instantly springs to mind when you throw both New
Zealand and progressive rock into a witch’s cauldron: Ragnarok. Their 1974 debut self-titled
album is now available on vinyl from the long lost master tapes and is accompanied by the
bonus laden CD version which includes tracks from the pre Ragnarok groups Transformer
and Flying Wild along with live album tracks and the non album ‘B’ side and as withthe vinylversion - all tracks from the master tapes.
“With this new re-issue, I am hearing a lot of sounds that I haven’t heard since we were in
the Stebbing Studio recording it”. Mark Jayett (Ragnarok)

Artist: Ragnarok
Title: Ragnarok
Cat #: Frenzy LP 101
Label: Frenzy
UPC: 94O9569OO5469
Format: Single vinyl album

01 Fenris
02 Butterfly Sky
03 Fire In The Sky
04 Rainbow Bridge
05 Raga
06 Caviar Queen
07 Dream
08 Dawning Horn