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Artist: Pink Floyd
Origin: Canada
Label: CBS (1979)
Format: LP
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Genre: Comedy/SpokenWord/Other , Pop , Rock , Soundtracks U

The Wall

Very smart 2LP vinyl housed in  a gatefold cover. Includes inner lyric sleeves in average condition. Has initials on top right and on label.

Pink Floyd – The Wall is a 1982 British live-action/animated psychological horror musical film directed by Alan Parker with animated scenes by political cartoonist Gerald Scarfe, and is based on the 1979 Pink Floyd album of the same name. The film centers around a confined rocker named Floyd "Pink" Pinkerton, who after being driven into insanity by the death of his father and many depressive moments, constructs a metaphorical (and sometimes physical) wall to be protected from the world and emotional situations around him; when this coping mechanism backfires he demands himself free. The screenplay was written by former Pink Floyd vocalist and bassist Roger Waters.

Like its musical companion, the film is highly metaphorical and symbolic imagery and sound are present most commonly. However, the film is mostly driven by music, and does not feature much dialogue.

Scarfe drew and directed 15 minutes of animated sequences, which appear often in the film. It was the seventh animated feature to be presented in Dolby Stereo.

The film is best known for its disturbing surreal environment, animated sequences, violence and gore, sexual situations, characterization, and many more that caused it to be one of the most surreal musicals of all time. The film has since fared well generally, and has established cult status.

In The Flesh?  
    The Thin Ice  
    Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1)  
    The Happiest Days Of Our Lives  
    Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)  
    Goodbye Blue Sky  
    Empty Spaces  
    Young Lust  
    One Of My Turns  
    Don't Leave Me Now  
    Another Brick In The Wall Part 3  
    Goodbye Cruel World  
    Hey You  
    Is There Anybody Out There?  
    Nobody Home  
    Bring The Boys Back Home  
    Comfortably Numb  
    The Show Must Go On  
    In The Flesh  
    Run Like Hell  
    Waiting For The Worms  
    The Trial  
    Outside The Wall