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Artist: Kinks The
Origin: France
Label: BMG (2023)
Format: 2 X LP
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Preservation Act 2

Brand new sealed double LP, Album, Reissue, Gatefold cover.

Preservation Act 2 is a 1974 concept album by the English rock band the Kinks, and their thirteenth studio album. It sold poorly (peaking on the Billboard Top LPs & Tape chart at No. 114), and received a mixed response among critics. Ken Emerson, in Rolling Stone, held out the album as an "underrated" one in the Kinks' repertoire.[6]

Other critics were less charitable: The A.V. Club described it as "sprawling... with its radio announcements and melodramatic, sub-Andrew Lloyd Webber musical numbers, is a wash, the sound of a once-great band losing the plot."[7] AllMusic referred to it as "a mess, an impenetrable jumble of story, theater, instrumentals, 'announcements,' unfinished ideas, guest singers, and, on occasion, a song or two."[8]

The live performances of the material were much better received, with one critic going so far as to say that the Preservation shows were the first successful fusion of rock and roll with theater: "Ray Davies has finally pulled it off— the Kinks-based theatrical production of Preservation is a great rock concert and a perfectly coordinated musical."[9]

A1   Announcement 0:41
A2   Introduction To Solution 2:43
A3   When A Solution Comes 3:39
A4   Money Talks 3:44
A5   Announcement 0:56
A6   Shepherds Of The Nation 4:12
B1   Scum Of The Earth 2:45
B2   Second-Hand Car Spiv 4:01
B3   He's Evil 4:25
B4   Mirror Of Love 3:28
B5   Announcement 0:32
C1   Nobody Gives 6:33
C2   Oh Where Oh Where Is Love? 3:40
C3   Flash's Dream (The Final Elbow) 3:56
C4   Flash's Confession 4:27
D1   Nothing Lasts Forever 3:43
D2   Announcement 0:20
D3   Artificial Man 5:27
D4   Scrapheap City 3:14
D5   Announcement 1:06
D6   Salvation Road 3:20