Product Code: HS 3505
Artist: Ken Thorne ‎
Origin: USA
Label: Warner Bros Records (1980)
Format: LP
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Cover: VG+
Record: VG+
Genre: Soundtracks , Stage and Screen U

Superman II (Original Soundtrack)

Nice clean vinyl with the cover showing minor shelf wear.

  Track listing
                                                        1.                                                      Preface(01:04)                                                            
                                                        2.                                                      Main Title March(05:32)                                                            
                                                        3.                                                      Lift Into Space - Release Of The Villians(01:38)                                                            
                                                        4.                                                      Lex Escapes(02:09)                                                            
                                                        5.                                                      Honeymoon Hotel(03:16)                                                            
                                                        6.                                                      Lex & Miss Teschmacher To Fortress(02:07)                                                            
                                                        7.                                                      Clark Exposed As Superman(03:17)                                                            
                                                        8.                                                      Lover Fly North(00:52)                                                            
                                                        9.                                                      Mother's Advice(01:56)                                                            
10.  T.V. President Resigns - Clark To Fortress(02:48)                                                            
                                                        11.                                                      Aerial Battle - Superman Save Spire(02:51)                                                            
                                                        12.                                                      Sad Return(01:43)                                                            
                                                        13.                                                      Ursa Flies Over The Moon(02:28)                                                            
                                                        14.                                                      Clark Fumbles Rescue(02:11)                                                            
                                                        15.                                                      End Title March(04:16)