Product Code: ADLP1025
Artist: Jesse Harper
Origin: UK
Label: Acme (1999)
Format: LP
Availability: In Stock
Cover: VG+
Record: NM (M-)
Genre: Psychedelic Rock , Rock U

Shades of the Midnight Sun

Pristine Mono vinyl and perfect cover! Legendary New Zealand psychedelic rock guitarist in the Hendrix vein who recorded this material while living in London during 1969. Known for his songs that were performed by Human Instinct, Jesse (a.k.a. Doug Jerebine) plays killer acid psych 60s rock guitar on this LP.

Side 1:
1.Jug-a-Jug Song
2. Blues News
3. Other Side of Time
4. Circles
5. Keep Cool
Side 2:
6. Midnight Sun
7. Hole in his Hand
8. Fall Down
9. Ashes and Matches
10. Love Song