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Artist: Frank Zappa
Origin: EU
Label: Zappa Records (2022)
Format: LP
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Genre: Alternative Rock , Rock N

Waka / Jawaka

Brand new sealed 180 gram official reissue.

Waka/Jawaka (also known as Waka/Jawaka — Hot Rats) is the fourth solo album by Frank Zappa, released in July 1972. The album is the jazz-influenced precursor to The Grand Wazoo (November 1972), and, as the front cover indicates, a sequel of sorts to 1969's Hot Rats. According to Zappa, the title "is something that showed up on a ouija board at one time."[4] This is Official Release #15.

"Big Swifty" is a jazz-fusion tune, similar to many of Zappa's pieces from the jazz period of his compositional time line. It features many horns to achieve a thick brassy sound as well as room for improvisation and use of multiple time signatures. Opening in a fast 7/8 riff, the tune continues to alternate between 7/8 and 6/8 (or 3/4) times, finally ending on a 4/4 swing time signature. Known recorded live versions expanded rhythmic diversification to 11/8 and rubato parts (e.g. live in Texas, 1973).[5]

The track "It Just Might Be a One-Shot Deal" is a strange tale of hallucinations sung by Sal Marquez and Janet Ferguson (the 'tough-minded' groupie in 200 Motels). Jeff Simmons' Hawaiian guitar sets up a dream-like, smooth quality, but with the words but you should be diggin' it while it's happening cause it just might be a one-shot deal, though played in real time rather than achieved with a splice, it again sounds as if the music has started to run backwards.[6]