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Artist: Ebony Lamb
Origin: New Zealand
Label: Slowtime Records (2023)
Format: LP
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Cover: M
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Genre: Country , Folk , World N

Ebony Lamb (Red Vinyl)

Brand new sealed album pressed in red vinyl.

Pōneke/Wellington-based singer-songwriter Ebony Lamb announces her debut self-titled solo album, set to release on October 20th on Slow Time Records (Nadia Reid). The album was made in collaboration with two of New Zealand’s most celebrated modern musicians, Bic Runga and Kody Nielson (Opossom, Silicon, UMO), along with her long-time musical collaborator, Gram Antler. To mark the release, Ebony and her band will embark on a seven-date tour across Aotearoa starting October 27th.

A captivating work of impressionistic memories, observations and intimate confessions, Ebony wrote her debut album while coming into prominence as an in-demand portrait photographer within New Zealand’s con­temporary literature and independent music scenes. The release comes five years after her alt-country band, Eb & Sparrow, amicably parted ways in 2018.

Recorded on vintage analog studio gear and mastered to tape, EBONY LAMB finds Runga and Nielson placing Ebony’s distinct, fragile-but-firm voice within a cinematic confluence of jazz, folk, psychedelia, alt-country and ambient pop. Written over the last five years while coming to terms with the realities of a changing world, themes of gratitude, loss, acceptance and aspiration run through the album like a river, especially in the nocturnal groove of ‘My Daughter My Sister My Son’ and ‘Brother Get Me Home’.

From the album’s opening notes, Ebony expresses herself in non-judgmental terms, singing with a raw tenderness that draws listeners into her reflections on friendship (‘Drive Me Around’), the complexity and contradictions of success (‘Successful Feelings’), and connections in seemingly hopeless moments (‘Come, Put A Record On’). Yet while her songs can feel like she’s sitting just across from you, Runga and Nielson’s pro­duction imbues them with an expansive sensibility. Spare, vivid and moving, EBONY LAMB is an album that captures a defining artistic leap from a talented artist coming into her own. Singing to herself and the listener, she implores us to continue reaching forward without losing sight of what we have and the elements of our lives that truly matter.

Track Listing:

Side A:
  1. My Daughter My Sister My Son
  2. Take My Hands At Night
  3. Salt Sand Sea
  4. Midnight Is My Name
  5. Swim To Me
Side B:
  1. Drive Me Around
  2. Successful Feelings
  3. Come, Put A Record On
  4. Brother Get Me Home
  5. Star Confessor