Product Code: SD 18154
Artist: Douglas Adams ‎
Origin: Australia
Label: Original Records (1981)
Format: 2 X LP
Availability: In Stock
Cover: VG
Record: VG+
Genre: Non Music , Spoken Word N

The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy

Good vinyl with minor marks housed in a gatefold cover showing ringwear.

A1   Journey Of The Sorcerer 1:12
A2   The Guide Speaks 3:04
A3   None At All 1:42
A4   Gargleblaster Sonata 2:17
A5   I Don't Like Thursdays 5:58
A6   Vogon Constructor Fleets 3:34
A7   The Babel Fish 2:50
A8   Micturations Of A Vogon 3:09
B1   A Short History Of The Earth 3:05
B2   The Big One 1:51
B3   Unease By The Sea 2:20
B4   Heart Of Gold 0:47
B5   Infinitely Improbable 4:01
B6   Song Of The Mindless Jerks 3:50
B7   Waveband On The Run 4:48
C1   Yore Kind Of Music 3:50
C2   Consolation No.1 1:00
C3   Out To Lunch 2:56
C4   Consolation No.2 1:51
C5   Whale Song No.1 2:23
C6   Whale Song No.2 2:00
C7   Pink Planet 1:31
C8   Biro Gyro 2:40
C9   Double Sunset 3:04
C10   The Dolphins' Farewell 1:43
C11   The Factory Floor 0:31
D1   The Earth, Mk 2 2:28
D2   Tell Us Why 5:13
D3   Aubade 2:44
D4   The Answer 1:35
D5   The Messiah 3:28
D6   Is There A Lifestyle After Death? 6:55
D7   Arms Of The Law 3:14
D8   Journey's End (Journey Of The Sorcerer) 1:17