Product Code: .PNR004
Artist: Chris Thompson
Origin: New Zealand
Label: Pinenut Records (2018)
Format: 12 inch 45 rpm
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Cover: M
Record: M
Genre: Acoustic , Blues , Country , Ska N

Drunken Nights In Dublin

Brand new 12" 45rpm numbered  limited edition (200) 7 track EP in clear vinyl signed by Chris.

Chris Thompson and The Kings Of Rhythm

One only band show celebrating the album release premiere of the lost psych folk, folk blues and rock, what was meant to be Hamilton born acoustic and blues Chris Thompson’s, second album. The album covers a range of musical and vocal styles, recorded in London and Dublin and compiled by Chris while at his visiting ‘home’ studio musicians’ hub at Thrust Records in Dublin, in 1974. The single acetate made at The Beatles Apple Corps in London, was rediscovered by good fortune, earlier this year. These were from the rare old days, when the UK and Ireland were a bastion for troubadours, beatniks, hippies, guitar, folk and blues masters, and exceptional parties.

Chris opens the set with his acclaimed acoustic folk and blues. He then joins forces with his five piece band honed together from Chris’ illustrious career, for this launch. The album Chris's 21st to date named ‘Drunken Nights In Dublin’, is the album Chris describes as the one best covering his wide range of musical styles and influences, recorded live in the studio in a party-like atmosphere, Chris and friends, after hours.