Product Code: WN12043
Artist: Wild Bill Ricketts
Origin: Japan
Label: Wonderful Noise Productions (2015)
Format: LP
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Cover: M
Record: M
Genre: Electronic , Jazz N

Later At Whitby's

Brand new sealed album from NZs Wild Bill.

An eclectic mix of songs otherworldly, contemporary, psychedelic jazz pop, kraut rock and other bits and bobs, "Later At Whitby's" explores the potential for creating new genres in music.
The album was constructed all over NZ: Anawhata at Jon Baxters place (perceptual engineering), many sessions with Puck Murphy doing file transfers from Protools into Ableton and back again, a session in Neil Finns personal Studio C at Roundhead, Bay Rd Freddy's studio, The Phoenix Foundation's studio in Wellington, etc. A two week session with Connan Mockasin in Anawhata was key, where the duo also worked on his internationally acclaimed album "Caramel".
With drumming from Julien Dyne, Elroy Finn and Riki Gooch, the album was written in most part by Toby Laing with Wild Bill reworking sketches initially done by Toby on tour, it features guitar by Conrad Wedde and Craig Terris and bass by Tom Callwood and Rio Hemopo. The album's closer, "Don Dicaprio" has vocals and lyrics by Connan Mockasin as his character of a 6 year old obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio.