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Artist: London Symphony Orchestra
Origin: New Zealand
Label: A&M / Ode (1973)
Format: LP
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Cover: VG
Record: VG+
Genre: Comedy/SpokenWord/Other , Soundtracks U

Tommy (Box Set)

Very smart double album with great gatefold inner sleeve, the outer box  is showing shelf wear.

Tommy is a 1972 album by the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by David Measham, of arrangements by Wil Malone. The project was conceived by Lou Reizner, initially with Rod Stewart singing Roger Daltrey's main role. As Pete Townshend and Daltrey became more involved Stewart's role was reduced to singing "Pinball Wizard".[1][2]

The studio version of the orchestral Tommy was issued in boxed-set LP format. It featured original artwork and photography, which used a pinball as its main motif, was designed by Tom Wilkes and Craig Braun and won the Best Album Package Grammy in 1974.[3][4]

1. "Overture" The Chamber Choir, Pete Townshend, London Symphony Orchestra2. "It's a Boy" The Chamber Choir, Sandy Denny3. "1921" Graham Bell, Maggie Bell, The Chamber Choir, Roger Daltrey, Steve Winwood4. "Amazing Journey" The Chamber Choir, Pete Townshend5. "Sparks" The Chamber Choir6. "Eyesight to the Blind" written Sonny Boy Williamson II, sung The Chamber Choir, Richie Havens7. "Christmas" Pete Townshend, London Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Choir, Roger Daltrey, Steve Winwood8. "Cousin Kevin" The Chamber Choir John Entwistle9. "The Acid Queen" - sung The Chamber Choir, Merry Clayton10. "Underture" The Chamber Choir11. "Do You Think It's Alright?" Maggie Bell, Chamber Choir, Steve Winwood12. "Fiddle About" Chamber Choir, Ringo Starr13. "Pin Ball Wizard" Chamber Choir, Rod Stewart14. "There's a Doctor I've Found" Chamber Choir, Steve Winwood15. "Go To The Mirror Boy" narrated Richard Harris, Chamber Choir, Roger Daltrey, Steve Winwood, Wil Malone16. "Tommy Can You Hear Me?" Maggie Bell, Chamber Choir17. "Smash the Mirror" Maggie Bell, Chamber Choir18. "I'm Free" Chamber Choir, Roger Daltrey19. "Miracle Cure" Chamber Choir20. "Sensation" Chamber Choir, Roger Daltrey21. "Sally Simpson" Chamber Choir, Pete Townshend22. "Welcome" Chamber Choir, Roger Daltrey23. "Tommy's Holiday Camp" Chamber Choir, Ringo Starr24. "We're Not Gonna Take It" Chamber Choir, Roger Daltrey25. "See Me, Feel Me" (Finale from "We're Not Gonna Take It") Chamber Choir, Roger Daltrey