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Tivoli Model One Digital

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Before there was Bluetooth, there was radio. If you wanted to listen to music that you didn’t own, you couldn’t just open up a streaming app. You had to tune to your favorite radio station and hope they played the song you wanted to hear. Seventeen years ago the Tivoli Model One became one of the best radios you can get with technology that could really hone in on the frequency you wanted to hear. It was a great little radio, but the company is back with a new iteration for modern living. The new Model One Digital takes the retro aesthetic of the previous model and mashes it together with modern conveniences, but is that enough to make it a good buy?

The size of the speaker isn’t so large that it can’t be moved, but it’s definitely not meant to be portable. It doesn’t have a battery so you have to keep it plugged in at all times, which is fine considering it’s a house speaker. Though the build quality is excellent (the only issue I found was that the volume knob is a little wobbly), I wouldn’t call it durable by any means. A drop or two and you might find yourself shopping for another speaker.

 It might just be my hipster love for the analog world, but I found this speaker to be gorgeous. The combination of wood and metal gives it a modern industrial feel while the looks bring you right back to the 50’s. The display on the right side does give it away a bit, but it’s not bad as far as displays go. It’s bright enough to see easily indoors and even displays the Spotify in color, which was a surprise to me as I assumed it was black and white