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Project Maim1 micro system

Project Maim1 micro system MaiA  micro size amplifier  /  Elemental Turntable and Speaker Box 4s

(Optional matching CD player only $599.00)

Pro-Ject MaiA - My audiophile integrated micro Amplifier  

Stereo integrated amplifier with 9 input options  
• 2x 25W / 37W @ 8 / 4 Ohms  
• 2 ohms drive capability  

• Dual mono design principle  

• Inputs: 3x stereo line, 1x phono (RCA), 1x Bluetooth (aptX), 2x dig opt, 1x dig coax,  

  1x USB  

• XMOS asynchronous USB 24bit/192kHz  

• 24bit/192kHz D/A converter  

• 4th generation Bluetooth with aptX capability & antenna  

• Phono input with MM capability  

• Volume control with motor driven potentiometer  

• Headphone output  

• Variable output for subwoofer or second zone amp  

• IR remote included

MaiA: A new generation stereo amplifier with timeless design & future-proof technology!  

That is what starters in ambitious home audio have waited for: A small integrated amplifier with ultimate input flexiblity, that avoids compromising the sound quality. MaiA is offering all digital and analogue input options you can dream of combined with an amplifier stage, that delivers outstanding tube-like sound (Flying Mole modules) and a high-class 24bit/192kHz D/A converter stage. Despite its small size, 9 (!) source devices can be connected simultaneously. MaiA is absolutely future-proof:  


• High-quality phono MM preamp  

• 3 analogue line level inputs  

• XMOS asynchronous USB 24bit/192kHz input for computer audio  

• Digital coax input  

• 2 Toslink inputs  

• Wireless Bluetooth streaming (aptX capable) input with dedicated antenna  


But no matter which input you choose, a real musical sound quality with lifelike performance is guaranteed. This stylish amplifier offers low noise and solid output power for audiophile playback in smaller rooms around 25m², when partnered with good-quality speakers from € 200,00 to € 1000,00. Additionally a subwoofer or another power amplifier can be connected. A headphone 6,3mm connection is also provided. An IR remote makes usage a piece of a cake. The massive metal casing is elegant and effectively protects against interferences. MaiA is available with silver or black faceplates.

Project Elemental Turntable.

• Belt drive system  

• Integrated motor control with DC power supply secures silent running  

• Central gravity mass point made from artificial stone  

• Main platter bearing made from stainless steel runs in bronze bushing with Teflon bottom  

• Low resonance particle board platter with felt mat  

• 8,6” ultra low mass tonearm with straight arm tube  

• Pre-adjusted tracking force & antiskating  

• Gold-plated RCA contacts & cartridge pins  

• Colour options: red-black, white-black, silver-black  

• Dust cover separately available   

Best buy turntable with maximum simplicity & outstanding sound quality!  

 Pro-Ject has decided to go after the cheap plastic turntable market with an high quality alternative that comes complete with an Ortofon cartridge. The new Elemental table is a real "plug'n'play" all the way. No adjustment of counterweight and antiskating is needed, because both are pre-adjusted. This new straight ultra low mass tonearm is optimised for Ortofon OM cartridge series. All the buyer needs to do is remove it from the box, remove bearing guard, locate the belt around the platter, remove stylus guard and plug it in.  

The only plastic here is the stylus guard!  

The hidden secret to the new table's sonic success, is a central gravity mass point, made from artificial stone and placed directly underneath the platter bearing. It is capable to fully absorb unwanted rumble and motor vibration. This turntable appears to be pure simplicity itself, while maintaining high quality audio standards.

Project Speaker Box 4 

Audiophile 2-way monitor speaker using bass reflex system, tight and clear bass, reflex port on back side, outstanding value for money, ideal for use with other Box Design components, high-gloss piano lacquer. 

2-way monitor speaker  

• 2-way sealed box, for clear bass  

• 100mm bass/midrange (aluminium die-cast)  

• 25mm silk-dome weeter  

• High-quality crossover (second order)  

• Anti-vibration sealant  

• Magnetic screening  

• Gold-plated 5-way binding posts  

• Impedance: 4 ohms > suitable for amplifiers from 4 – 8 ohms  

• Power handling : > best for amplifiers 10 - 100 Watt RMS  

• High-gloss piano-lacquer finish:  white, red, black  

• Magnetically attached speaker-grille  

• Wall-mount included  

• Ideal for combination with Box-Design components   

• Dimensions 140 x 228 x 150mm without grille (WxHxD)  

140 x 228 x 160mm with grille  

• Weight 2.55 kg each