Product Code: 081227954192
Artist: Pantera
Origin: EU
Label: Atco (2015)
Format: LP
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Cover: NM (M-)
Record: VG+
Genre: Hard Rock , Heavy Metal , Rock U

History Of Hostility

Very smart clean vinyl housed in a smart cover.

Pantera, History of Hostility

Looking for a way to celebrate the weekend in a suitably hard-rocking fashion? Then get ready for the release of History of Hostility, a nine-track compilation that provides what we think is one of the best possible primers for those looking to learn about a little band called Pantera.

History of Hostility features inclusions from all five of Pantera's studio albums, so you can tell that there's been a concerted effort to cover the band's career in as even-handed a fashion as possible: you'll get material from Cowboys From Hell, Vulgar Display Of Power, Far Beyond Driven, The Great Southern Trendkill, and Reinventing the Steel. Oh, yes, and if you prefer to have your metal served up on a platter, you're in luck: it'll be available on LP as well as CD.

Oh, and did we mention that we'll be releasing The Complete Studio Albums on December 11? Well, if we didn't before, then now we have, but it's still a little early to be doing much more than teasing the fact that it's forthcoming. Besides, if you've never delved into the Pantera catalog, then History of Hostility is definitely a much better place to start. The good news, though, is that you can pick up the compilation, absorb it, and still have plenty of time to get in your pre-order for The Complete Studio Albums.

And speaking of History of Hostility, we'd be remiss if we didn't offer up the track listing before we wrap things up, so here you go:

1. "Cowboys From Hell"
2. "Cemetery Gates" (Demon Knight Edit)
3. "Mouth For War"
4. "Walk"
5. "Fucking Hostile"
6. "I'm Broken"
7. "5 Minutes Alone"
8. "Drag The Waters
9. "Revolution Is My Name"