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Artist: Donna Summer
Origin: EU
Label: WEA (1990)
Format: LP
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Cover: NM (M-)
Record: NM (M-)
Genre: Disco , Electronic , Indie Pop U

The Best Of Donna Summer

Very smart clean vinyl and gloss cover.

Although this is a unique collection with some very good track choices, "Hot Stuff" shows up once again, in its butchered format. This problem track has been circulating for years and appears in its defective state on at least three other compilations that I'm aware of, including the now out-of-print "Walk Away - Collector's Edition - The Best of 1977-1980". The issue isn't with the version of the song chosen, but with the sloppy mastering. Quite simply, the track starts late, thereby affecting the overall impact of the song's opening. Although only a split second or two off, it's the equivalent of dropping the needle on the record part way through the track. Ugh! Buyer beware. If this doesn't bother you, than go for it. But as for me, I cringe every time the track comes up.