Product Code: WAP144R
Artist: Boards of Canada
Origin: UK
Label: Warp Records (2013)
Format: 12 inch 45 rpm
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Record: M
Genre: N

In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country

Brand new sealed 12" EP including free digital download voucher and exclusive sticker. Made in the EU.

In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country is an EP recorded by Boards of Canada and released by Warp Records on 27 November 2000, in between the Scottish duo's landmark releases Music Has the Right to Children and Geogaddi. Like those albums, it was well received by critics.[3][4]

The four track collection weaved the pair's now familiar motifs of nature, childhood and madness around a central theme: the Branch Davidian religious sect and their Waco retreat.

The second track is named after Amo Bishop Roden, the widow of a rival of David Koresh. Roden reoccupied the Waco site after its destruction, sleeping in a ditch near the property until federal authorities who had been keeping her away finally abandoned it.[5]

The EP's title refers to the one line of vocals around which the work is based, a vocoder-processed and slowed voice sample (said to be Roden[4]): come out and live in a religious community in a beautiful place out in the country.

The EP's artwork features blurred and fragmentary photos of the compound and Davidians, including the aforementioned Roden and the eye of David Koresh. The Davidians theme returns on the group's subsequent album, 2002's Geogaddi.